What is Istijara? And Uses of Istijara

What is Istijara? And Uses of Istijara

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, seeking some form of guidance? Imagine if there was a spiritual tool designed to help you make such decisions. Enter Istijara.

Historical Origins of Istijara

Istijara is an Islamic practice, deeply rooted in tradition. It derives from the Arabic word 'Istijar', meaning 'to seek'. Historically, it's been a cornerstone for those aiming to align their decisions with the will of the Divine.

Spiritual Significance

At its core, Istijara is a reflection of one's trust in a higher power. It showcases a believer's humility and acknowledgment that human understanding is limited. Instead of relying solely on one's judgment, one turns to the Almighty, seeking the best outcome.

Practical Applications in Modern Times

Even in today's digital age, with a plethora of information at our fingertips, Istijara remains a go-to for many. It's like asking your best friend for advice, only that friend has omniscient knowledge.

The Uses of Istijara

So, how exactly is Istijara utilized?

Decision Making and Guidance

Seeking Divine Direction

Whenever you're at a juncture, instead of flipping a coin or asking friends, you'd consult the Divine. It's like having a GPS that directs not just your path, but your soul.

Cultivating a Deeper Spiritual Connection

Through Istijara, you foster a deeper relationship with the Divine. It's akin to building a bridge, where each prayer is a brick, connecting you to spiritual realms.

Strengthening One's Faith

Regularly practicing Istijara reinforces one's faith. Like watering a plant, it nourishes your spiritual essence and strengthens your bond with the Divine.

Achieving Mental Peace and Tranquility

Ever felt the calm after a storm? That's what Istijara provides. It's the inner peace that comes with knowing you're walking on a path blessed by the Divine.

Real-Life Scenarios Where Istijara is Applied

Personal Decisions and Life Choices

From choosing a college to relocating for a job, Istijara is a guiding light, ensuring you make choices aligned with the Divine will.

Business and Financial Endeavors

In the bustling world of commerce, Istijara serves as a moral compass. Whether it's launching a startup or making an investment, it's the guide ensuring ethical success.

Relationship and Marriage Decisions

Choosing a life partner is monumental. Through Istijara, one seeks not just a compatible partner, but a blessed union.

How to Perform Istijara?

Preparing the Heart and Mind

Before embarking on Istijara, one must cleanse their intentions. It's like preparing the soil before planting a seed.

The Istijara Prayer

This specific prayer involves asking the Almighty for guidance. It's the dialogue where you lay out your concerns and seek divine input.


Istijara is more than just a ritual; it's a spiritual compass guiding believers through life's complexities. By integrating it into daily decision-making, one can walk a path that's not just successful but divinely blessed.


1.      What is the main purpose of Istijara?

·        Istijara serves as a tool for seeking divine guidance in decision-making.

2.      Can anyone perform Istijara?

·        While rooted in Islamic tradition, anyone with genuine intent can seek guidance through similar practices.

3.      How often can one perform Istijara?

·        There's no limit. Whenever you seek guidance, Istijara can be your go-to.

4.      Is Istijara only for big decisions?

·        No, it can be for both big life-changing decisions and everyday choices.

5.      What if the outcome isn't as expected after performing Istijara?

·        Trust in the divine plan. Sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination.


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